Disney Quiz: Can You Name The Voice Actor?

Can you name the people that gave voices to your childhood heroes and villains?

Disney Genies

Disney animated movies have always needed lots of actors to do the voices for their characters and bring them to life. The voice acting has always been the core of the character's personality. Baloo the Bear wouldn't have been the same without Phil Harris' voice; Timon and Pumbaa wouldn't have worked as well without Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella; and the Evil Queen wouldn't have been half as terrifying without Lucille La Verne's performance.

Sometimes it is very obvious who the voice actor is, whether it is an extremely distinctive voice or you the character acts or even looks similar to the actor. Some of the most famous Disney characters have been voiced by pretty anonymous actors but some have been portrayed by massive stars that surprised everyone when they were revealed.

Can you name the voice actor behind all of these characters?

Answers at the end!

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