Django Unchained: 10 Things You Didn't Know

7. James Remar Plays Two Separate Characters


One of the coolest touches in Django Unchained concerns actor James Remar, who film fans will probably best remember as Ajax from the '70s cult flick The Warriors. Remar can be glimpsed briefly in Django Unchained's first scene, when Dr. King Schultz attempts to bargain with his slave-owner character, Ace Speck, over the purchase of Django. Speck is killed pretty soon after that, though that's not the we see of Remar: he later appears as Calvin Candie's bodyguard, Butch, during the Candyland sequences, in a subsequently larger part. So for anybody who thought, "What the hell? Is that James Remar again?", your confusion was well-justified: congratulations, eagle-eyed viewer.


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