Doctor Sleep: Ewan McGregor Cast In Stephen King's Shining Sequel

AND he has King's blessing!

Doctor Sleep

While the world wonders about his potential involvement in the Obi-Wan Kenobi movie that looks more and more likely in the wake of Solo's release, Ewan McGregor might have just bagged a huge role in another franchise entirely.

According to Variety, he is set to play the adult Danny Torrance in Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining which is coming to film courtesy of Mike Flanagan (Hush, Before I Wake, Gerald's Game) and which picks up with Danny in his 40s as he struggles not to follow the same path as his father.

The ghosts of the Overlook still want him as he battles his demons and gets sober, allowing his Shine powers to return, which he puts to use easing the minds of dying patients in a hospice he finds work at. Unwittingly he becomes embroiled in the story of Abra Stone - another psychic - and the True Knot (a group of quasi-immortals who feed on the pain of those who shine when they die in pain). It's a great story and one ripe for adaptation.

The film - which will be released on January 24, 2020 - is being fast-tracked by Warner Bros and apparently McGregor has Stephen King's blessing, which is always a good start Doesn't mean he'll like the finished product though...

What do you think of this casting?

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