Don't Forget To Watch The Finding Dory Trailer

Will the Nemo sequel be as memorable as the original?

Right, let's not even pretend for A SECOND that this is anything other than what it really is. John Carter bombed spectacularly (more spectacularly than anything in the film, in fact) and Andrew Stanton, panicked that his live-action debut had hemorrhaged more money than Waterworld, ran immediately back to the save bosom of Pixar and vowed to make their parent company a butt-load of money by returning to his biggest hit. That is why Finding Dory exists. Not because there needs to be a sequel to Finding Nemo or that Pixar's ran out of original ideas to adapt. That doesn't mean it's going to be a bad film. Let's not forget that Pixar themselves are a former Lucasfilm software company bought by Apple whose early shorts were intended to just show off the capabilities of their computer programs, so maybe we could be in for something unexpectedly special. So here's the trailer for the film, which has Dory sleep-swimming and starting to remember her family, setting out on an epic quest. Watch it below. OK... Well at least they resisted the trope of sending the main characters to university. It looks fine - good voice-work, great animation - but there's little to really justify the film; Dory gets her memories back somehow and we go an adventure because we should. I'm sceptical for sure, but I'll see it regardless (because it's Pixar) and Inside Out (film of the year) has me willing to give the Emmeryville titans the benefit of the doubt. In Pixar we trust, right? Regardless, with this and Bourne and an X-Men movie set around the time of Wolverine's Project X days and the Mad Hatter losing his mind in Alice Through The Looking Glass, 2016 is looking to be the year of memory loss. Finding Dory is in US cinemas from 17th June and UK cinemas for 29th July.
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