Ernie Hudson's Not At Comic Con-Comic Con

Not everyone can attend San Diego Comic Con...

th for a fan meet and greet with all proceeds benefitting the Fisher House charity. A larger than life man, Ernie Hudson greeted every fan with a warm smile whether they were three or 33. Sporting a Superman Necklace given to him by his son, he answers the age old question of Marvel vs. DC by saying, €œI love the idea of Superman. I love what he stands for---if I had a favorite it would have to be Superman.€ As a family prepares for a picture with him, a troop of Ghostbusters arrived in full cos-play regalia (what else would you expect from a Comic Con) Complete with a Dodge Magnum in the role of the Ecto One. After a brief recess to have his picture taken with the Ghostbusters of Ohio, he returns to the signing table, smile still firmly in place. Chiefly known for Ghostbusters amongst this crowd, Ernie remains non-plussed when fans produce items to sign from his many other works. €œThey€™re great,€ he says rather jovially, €œYou have a lot of work that you€™re proud of and it€™s always nice when someone lets you know something from a while back.€ His body of work is indeed varied, playing roles in films such as The Crow and Television shows such as Torchwood: Miracle Day. Of the latter he had this to say, €œIt was a great shoot. I thought I€™d like the character to come back make another appearance, but it looks like they didn€™t get picked up for another season.€ The conversation shifts to his voice over work as he signs €œDon€™t be afrad of no ghosts€ on a child€™s 8x10 glossy returning the young boy€™s smile enthusiastically. €œTransformers has been a lot of fun, we go in and just have a blast with that.€ He says referencing his work as Agent Fowler on the animated show. This crowd can€™t be led too far astray, though, and in due time the topic of Ghostbusters comes up again. Everyone wants to know, amidst rumors and reports is there going to be a third film? €œI€™d love to do it. you never know with those guys .€ When asked if he himself would appear without them, he reported that the rest of the cast has legal veto power that may prevent that from happening. While we may not see a reunion of the Ghostbusters anytime soon, Ernie Hudson certainly seems open to the idea of returning to the role of Winston Zeddmore. In the meantime, fans unable to make it to the SDCC, thank him and Packrat comics for bringing a little bit of Comic Con to the Midwest.

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