Every 2017 Comic Book Movie Ranked Worst To Best

1. Logan

20th Century Fox

Logan isn't just the best comic book movie of 2017, it might well be the best movie overall. And that's stunning considering how bold it was as an idea. Not only is it an R-Rated addition to an established franchise, but it also fully embraced being set in an alternate universe that crossed over with the main X-Men timeline.

It's as provocative as Deadpool, but without the self-consciousness or the insistence on its cool quirks, and its violence and attitude owe a lot to that movie's existence and success. They couldn't be more different in tone, but we have a lot to thank the Merc With A Mouth for.

Logan is the archetypal Old Gungslinger movie and owes a lot to Shane, and the portrait of heroism coming to its end is both enthralling and deeply sad. And if you thought Guardians Vol 2's end was affecting, watching first Charles Xavier and then Wolverine himself die after refinding their family was utterly devastating on an entirely higher level.

In short, it will take something very special for any X-Men movie to surpass this level of quality. It just doesn't seem likely at all.

Which of 2017's comic book movies did you enjoy most? Share your reactions below in the comments thread.

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