Every 2018 Oscar Nominee Ranked From Worst To Best

From baffling clunkers to undisputed masterpieces.

The Shape Of Water The Boss Baby Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2
Fox & Marvel Studios

The 90th Academy Awards is fast approaching, with 44 movies nominated across the 21 major categories - excluding short films - and it's fair to call this year's slate of nominees one of the most diverse and inclusive of recent years.

While the overwhelming majority of the 44 movies can at least be deemed "good", there's still a major gulf of quality between the very worst and very best, with the "less serious" crafts categories allowing some frothier entries to score a nod or two.

Though this year's Oscars failed to nominate a number of the year's best movies in categories it was obviously worthy of, it is at least celebrating dozens of good-to-great films, alongside a few masterpieces and even a number of artier offerings you may not have heard of yet.

Only a small pool of the nominated films will of course end up going home with a gold statue, but for most of the films and the talents involved, the nomination itself is very much the reward...


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