Every Main James Bond Villain Ranked Worst To Best

The first one couldn't kill him. Not the second. Not even the third...

Greatest Bond Villains

Francisco Scaramanga may have proclaimed himself James Bond's equal, but it was always a bold, unsubstantiated claim that spoke more to his own arrogance, rather than his actual value as a cinematic villain. He had a lot of competition in the 007 franchise alone, after all.

Over 55 years, many men, women, and men dressed as women have crossed paths with our man Bond only to have their diabolical schemes and fiendish plans thwarted by the world’s most famous secret agent.

While some of these rogues tried to best Bond via their skills in combat and physical strength, others used their cunning and genius minds in attempts to defeat Her Majesty’s finest.

Some, however, lacked either quality, and that’s why for every megalomaniac supervillain whose memory endures as widely quoted, referenced, and beloved icons of Bond history, there’s just another poor fool who encountered James Bond and didn't live to die another day. This list will separate the formidable from the forgettable of Bond's many villains.

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