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Kevin Feige is going to be a busy guy...

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We're currently in a strange period for the MCU. After years of seeing Marvel Studio making plans for years and years in advance, because of the nature of Avengers 4's release, right now there's precious little set in stone for the supposed fourth phase of the studio's extended universe.

Sure, we have sequels for a couple of established series confirmed and a likely prequel for an established character, but Kevin Feige is being uncharacteristically quiet on what the future holds. It's a bold strategy and it's bound to pay off (mostly because Avengers 4 is going to make an obscene amount of money), but it's not the best time for fans to get excited.

That being said though, there are still a number of projects that look like they could be firmly in the earliest stages of development, and if you look at the evidence closely enough, there's reason to believe that there are lots of interesting movies coming our way.

So what has Feige got up his sleeve for the next few years, and what's the most exciting among them...?

20. Nova

Nova Marvel
Marvel Comics

Status: Rumoured

Release: TBA

Recent Updates?

In the wake of Infinity War's release, Kevin Feige was asked about Nova, who had originally been intended to appear in James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy.

"Nova is… if we have a big board with a bunch of characters that have more immediate potential, Nova is on that board. Because of the connection to the Guardians universe, because there are more than one examples to pull from in the comics that are interesting. And you’re absolutely right, he was in the earliest drafts of the [Guardians of the Galaxy]."

He's the character fans tend to gravitate towards when Guardians spin-offs are mentioned.

Will It Happen?

It seems to have been talked about for years now, so it wouldn't be a massive surprise. And Infinity War's treatment of Xandar definitely did offer a possible launch-point for a Nova spin-off.

And if Kevin Feige is willing to talk about it, it's clearly got legs. The only issue now is whether James Gunn was intended to be involved.

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