Every Pixar Movie Ranked Worst To Best

You've got a friend in them. Lots of friends, in fact.

Every Pixar Ranked

Almost 25 years ago, Pixar changed the world of film-making. They might not have been the first to use computer generated imagery, or the first to aim animations firmly at an audience spectrum of both children and adults, but their simple, magical answer to the question of whether toys come alive proved to be the foundation stone for a generation of cinematic adoration.

Back in 1995, their technology was incredible, so it's stunning to note how far the studio has come since then, constantly innovating the capabilities of their chosen medium at the same time as offering spell-binding, universally appealing stories. They are both tech company and imagineers at the same time.

Over the years, they've created some of cinema's greatest characters, made us all shed some serious tears and left impressions that few other cinematic brands have managed. But which of their 21 movies to date is the best?

21. Cars 2

Cars 2

Pixar don't make bad movies and Cars 2 would absolutely be counted as a middling animation by any standards other than theirs, but next to the other Pixar movies, it definitely sticks out as limited.

The inferior Cars sequel was always going to happen because of the ridiculous merchandising money Disney pulled in from the first movie, but it's just a shame the studio didn't try a little harder to make a compelling, charming story. The sequel's biggest crime is that it's forgettable and that's pretty disastrous for a brand this big.

It's unfair to assume that every Pixar film will be faultless, but they absolutely shouldn't be making anything this mediocre.

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