Every Star Wars Lightsaber Duel Ranked From Worst To Best

Duels of the fates.

Lightsaber Duel

The Star Wars saga's bread and butter, for years now, have been two types of action set-pieces: The space battle, and the lightsaber duel.

It's hard to imagine that when Alec Guinness and David Prowse, the original Obi-Wan and Vader, stood on the set of some space movie in 1976 banging some metal rods together, they could have possibly known just how revolutionary an act it truly was. George Lucas' Star Wars was released a year later, and the world was forever changed.

Four decades on, the franchise hallmark has become an invaluable part of pop culture, with kids and adults alike, the world over, pretending just about everything is a lightsaber.

And why shouldn't they? As displayed throughout the franchise, time and time again, nothing is better than an awesome lightsaber fight. With so many to choose from throughout the franchise's illustrious past, you can be sure to expect several entries from the Holiday Special and Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure. Lets get counting, shall we?

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