A thousand thank you’s to the anonymous source who sent me the week old Quentin Tarantino completed screenplay for Django Unchained at lunch time today. After a couple of hours reading and pleading with people to leave me the God damn well alone tonight so I can finish it before sundown, I’m now only onto page 74 of a gigantic 168 manuscript! I can’t believe I’m not even at the half way stage yet. This is one epic slog and there’s much I want to say, but I will give some sensitive and spoiler free thoughts when I’ve read it in full (hopefully in the next few hours).

One quick point I will raise – Tarantino has for a while told us to expect him to make the transition from film writer/director into a full blown novelist in the future and I gotta say, Django Unchained feels to me like it should be an epic western book, rather than a movie…

I’m not getting the same excitement for Django Unchained as I did on my first read through of the Inglourious Basterds draft which felt much tighter and more focused, which might sound like a ridiculous thing to say when you consider how much happens in that movie. But least as with every Tarantino, I have no clue what he is building towards here. More detailed but spoiler free thoughts later.

Meanwhile, check out this awesome (especially considering the title’s only been known a few days) fan made poster by Federico Mancosu for Quentin’s next movie. I dig. I spotted it over at Quentin Tarantino Archives.

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This article was first posted on May 4, 2011