Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them: 10 Ways It Sets Up The Sequels

Fantastic Beasts and the Hang On They're Doing Four More Of These Movies?!

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Wait, they're making FIVE of these movies? Huh?

That was my (and pretty much the consensus) reaction when it was announced before release that Fantastic Beasts would be a five movie series (a quintilogy?), rather than the originally-planned trilogy.

After seeing the movie, well, another four still seems very ambitious, but it's also a much more exciting prospect too.

Fantastic Beasts isn't perfect, but it is a, erm, fantastic re-entry into the Wizarding World: it's great fun, has a lot of heart, a sense of wonder, and most importantly that magical feel, which was lacking from the later Potter movies.

It also leaves behind a map for where it's headed next (and after that, and after that, and after that!). We already knew going in that it would span 19 years (J.K. Rowling just loves that particular timespan, eh?), but the film itself includes a number of clues and developments for where the sequels - all four of 'em - will take us.

10. Newt And Tina's Romance

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Newt Scamander are Tina Goldstein are the film's central wizarding duo, thrown together thanks to a series of chaotic circumstances. At first she just wants to turn him in to her superiors, but their relationship ends up blossoming into one of real friendship - and a big hint of something more.

There's a very clear attraction between the pair, and them getting together is massively teased when he says he'll bring her a copy of her book in person.

Even if the canon hadn't already spoiled the fact that these two will end up married one day, it's pretty clear that love is on the cards for the pair, something the sequels - in particular the next one - will really explore.

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