Fates conspiring

I'm just about fed up with my personal life right now. I've been on an up and down emotional state for about two weeks, almost developing Jekyll and Hyde split personalities. I'm not one to usually feel sorry for myself because I don't believe it really gets you anywhere in the long run but I'm feeling it right now. The fates are conspiring against me. I had arranged to see Public Enemies on Tuesday, at what may or may not be the first critics showing of the film anywhere in the world, a screening I have worked tirelessly at making sure I get a place at along with Simon. public-enemies-depp-poster-short We've arranged our travel down there (rail tickets are shockingly expensive these days) and tomorrow night as a prelude we were gonna see the Ghostbusters Blu-Ray celebration, which should be mighty fun. The two day break was too be a glimpse at the kind of daily life we would have if we/when we actually move to the capital and do this full time. And more than that, it's a look at one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. We were even teased with the possibility of interview time with Johnny Depp and Michael Mann in the future weeks but if I don't go on Tuesday, I won't be able to conduct it personally. Sure we can get someone else to go on Tuesday but after letting Simon go to Cannes, I was desperate to do something for myself for the site. But with my personal life stopping me from going to the Edinburgh Film Festival in a few weeks and now the fates conspiring against me for Public Enemies, I'm utterly and truly fed up.

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