Final Mystery Guardians Of The Galaxy Easter Egg Still Not Solved

Genius theory turns out not to be true.

Planet Ego
Marvel Comics

For a while there, it looked like we might finally have an answer to the identity of the fabled last Easter Egg in Guardians Of The Galaxy. ScreenRant's Andrew Dyche offered a theory on the thus-far unrevealed mystery, jumping off James Gunn's recent allusion to others getting close to the Egg with a suggestion of a decoded message hidden in coordinates in the film.

Go and read the theory in full - it's how it deserves to be read - but it all boils down to a message reading "SHH… THIS IS MOMS CANCER… MEREDITH QUILL (E)X” in reference to Ego being Meredith's ex (and Peter's father) and giving her cancer (as revealed in the sequel).

It's a compelling idea, but even if it's true, it's not the missing Easter Egg according to Gunn, who responded to the question pretty strongly:

And before you start accusing him of making up the Egg, he's adamant it's still out there...

At least people are still trying to find it.

Do you have any theories on the last Guardians Of The Galaxy Easter Egg? Share yours below in the comments thread.

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