First Look At Rogue In The X-Men: Days Of Future Past Extended Cut

New trailer teases the upcoming Blu-Ray. X-Men: Days Of Future Past was better than most people expected, bringing an iconic comic storyline to life and successfully wiping the franchise's less than stellar outings from continuity. The one area the fans felt rather let down was in the Rogue department. Anna Paquin's power-absorbing mutant had appeared in the trailers (and even starred in her own cover of Empire magazine to promote the film), but was axed from the finished cut for time and pacing reasons. Thankfully, these scenes, along with more footage, will be present in the X-Men: Days Of Future Past - Rogue Cut, which adds a whopping seventeen minutes to the run time. This new trailer doesn't show much of the new content - for the most part it's a finely edited tease of some of the movie's best scenes - but it's not totally without worth. The Rogue reveal is framed by Wolverine shouting out her, so we'll hopefully get to see some development of the pair's relationship, which provided the backbone to the first two movies. How big an impact the new footage has on the narrative (the film originally had Rogue take over Logan's time-phasing after he injured Kitty Pride) will have to wait until it's released on Blu-Ray on July 14th. Check back then for more discussion.

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