First Look: Tarsem's SNOW WHITE Is Bright & Colorful Version of Princess Bride

The mages also remind us of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen as we get a better glimpse at Tarsem's live-action Snow White blockbuster that is coming in March.

Entertainment Weekly have published new images from Tarsem Singh's Snow White, which amazingly is now less than half a year away from it's March 16th release date despite only being a few months into filming! The images, one of which above includes all the seven dwarfs and Lily Collins (with shorter hair than the photo shopped publicity character poster we saw previously) as the fairest of them all looking like she's enjoying being part of a huge orgy, comes across as wholly disturbing, reminding us somewhat of the art design from The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and it does feel like Tarsem is trying to give us a Princess Bride version of the fable, made most famous by Disney's fairytales. The movie looks to the grand scale, visual delight that we would have expected from Tarsem Singh and Relativity Media. It sure looks colorful and interesting but let's hope it's not all style and no substance. We desperately don't want another Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland on our hands here. Singh€™s fairy tale sees Julia Roberts as the evil Queen, who in keeping to her name has it in for not only her husband (newly cast Sean Bean) but also her stepdaughter, the poor Snow White. The valiant Prince (Armie Hammer) and those delightful seven dwarfs come to save the day. There€™s sure to be opinionated mirrors and drugged apples galore, yet Singh promises a very faithful adaptation. Here's Hammer doing his best Cary Elwes; Of course fighting to be the fairest of them all is a rival Snow White film that is also coming out next year in the shape of Universal and Rupert Sanders€™Snow White And The Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart (who seems more suited for the pale princess), Charlize Theron as the evil Queen and Thor€™s Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman. In a bid to outdo the racier adaptation, Relativity Media will release their film first in March and are well ahead on publicity stills, with Universal's coming in June.
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