For Some Reason Michael Bay Is Making A Dora The Explorer Movie

What is going on?

Dora The Explorer Bay
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Have you ever looked at the kids movie market and noticed that there's a gap for a product that marries the educational with the explosive? Have you ever wanted your children to learn about morality, ethics and the ways of the world through the medium of slanty cameras and super slo-mo? Then, boy are YOU in luck.

According to THR, there's a live-action Dora The Explorer movie coming from Michael Bay, who will produce. Which means you can probably expect whatever director he hires to basically make a paint-by-numbers Michael Bay movie. Usually seems to be the case.

Tantalisingly, that would suggest that we're in for possibly the weirdest cinematic mash-up of all time with the intrepid explorer thrust into a world of high-octane action and explosions. Possibly.

The same report suggests that the script - written by Nick Stoller - will see Dora transformed from a 7-year-old into a teenager who relocates to the city. So, that's another beloved childhood property completely ruined, then. First Transformers, then the Turtles and now this. We must protect the Teletubbies at all costs.

Presumably, he's been hired for his expertise in transforming strong kid-friendly brands into merch-selling machines (which are mostly critic proof in terms of their financial returns).

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