Game Of Thrones Prequel Has Starks But No Lannisters (Yet)

No lions, but you'll get mammoths and direwolves...

Stark Banner

Put away your Lannister banners for now, because Westeros' most infamous lions won't be in the Game Of Thrones prequel. At least not at first.

George RR Martin loves to share (just not his new books), and has been talking more about the upcoming prequel show that he's been working on. Most interesting of all of the details was the revelation that House Stark will be included and that while House Lannister's seat of power - Casterly Rock - will appear, the House initially will not.

That's not surprising, considering the House didn't exist during the time period in focus. Martin revealed that House Casterly will still occupy the castle during the prequel.

In other interesting revelations (via EW), Martin says that Westeros will be divided in 100 “petty kingdoms” and not the seven great kingdoms of the main show and that direwolves and mammoths will appear. He also says we can expect “a large ensemble cast" rather than central leads - though that seems strange with Naomi Watts involved - and hinted that he'd like the show to be called “The Longest Night,” as “that would be pretty good.”

Let's just hope that the pilot - overseen by Jane Goldman - is good enough to launch the show properly. Or at least is only as bad as the original Game of Thrones pilot, which threatened to derail the show entirely before it began, but was mercifully deemed promising enough to persevere with.

Are you excited to see the new Game Of Thrones prequel show? Share your thoughts below in the comments thread.

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