Ghostbusters 3: 9 Actors To Replace Bill Murray

8. Nicholas D'Agosto

dagostosized Nicholas D'Agosto has dabbled in every kind of TV and film there is. He started with small parts on Boston Public, ER, and Six Feet Under, until he graduated to bigger procedurals like Cold Case, House, and Without A Trace. Next came the recurring roles as characters like Hunter, Jan's sexy intern on The Office, and then West Rosen, the kid who could fly, on Heroes. On the movie side he had already dabbled in TV movies when he starred alongside Anna Kendrick in Rocket Science and Eric Christian Olsen in Fired Up!. See what I mean? This guy has done all kinds of stuff, and I for one would love to see him fighting off ghosts, just like he tried to fight off death in Final Destination 5. He's believable as just a "regular joe" with a bit of attractive 30-something thrown into the mix. He's been a debate-team nerd, he's been a male cheerleader, he's been a kid who could fly. Odds are that ghost fighting is on this easy going go-getter's to-do list.

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