Ghostbusters 3: 9 Actors To Replace Bill Murray

1. Aaron Paul

aaronpaulsized Picture Aaron Paul without the hardcore Breaking Bad persona that he has so incredibly embodied. Immediately you see a guy who could fight ghosts with the likes of Aykroyd and friends... and he would rock the hell out of the Ghostbusters janitorial uniform. Plus, consider how well he brings humor to a very dark drama! The character of Jesse (who was going to be killed in season one but Paul was so great they kept him on as a huge character) is a diverse character, which proves that Aaron Paul could easily play a troubled, funny guy in a world where ghosts are attacking the city and where he must learn to lead the defense with a Proton Pack. The mix of comedy and pseudo drama could be a great place for him to launch himself into a fun franchise which he could undoubtedly carry. He's not the obvious choice, per se, but he'd bring all kinds of natural humor and dedication to a project like this. Did you see him on The Price Is Right? Seriously, this kid can get excited about a desk, imagine him defending New York City from the undead. Aaron Paul, come on down! What do you think of our casting choices for who should take the lead in Ghostbusters 3? Did we miss anybody? Let us know in the comments section.
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