Giles from Buffy is the Repo!

He was cut from Sweeney Todd but Anthony Stewart Head will star in a horror/musical after all!

Matt Holmes


Anthony Stewart HeadAfter being dumped alongside Christopher Lee for the horror/musical Sweeney Todd, cool British actor Anthony Stewart Head has found a place in another similar production – the horror/musical opera Repo! The Genetic Opera.

And the former Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor has landed himself a great role in it too. He will be playing Nathan, an ordinary father by day but a murderous Repo Man by night. It’s the lead frikkin’ role!

Great casting. He can play sinister and menacing but in that great old fashioned British polite manner. Ya know, I always thought he would have made a great new Peter Cushing for a new series of Hammer Horror flicks. Hell, if they do that series Ripper that they keep threatening (which is basically a series where his character Giles from Buffy is the lead star) then that would almost be the same!

Co-starring with Head will be Tobin Bell, Paul Sorvino, Alexa Vega, Bill Moseley, Paris Hilton and Sarah Brightman.

Impressive cast Darren Lynn Bousman has put together here with only Paris Hilton being the big stand-out. Hopefully she will receive a horrible death in the first five minutes, so we can all cheer in the movie theatre and move on.

Look for Repo in the spring next year.

source – shock till you drop, anthony stewart head’s official website