Godzilla: 17 Easter Eggs, References & Fan Nods You Need To See

12. Ford's Poster

Godzilla Posters In the first scene when we are introduced to the Brody family and Bryan Cranston's Joe worries about strange seismic activity around the nuclear plant he works at, we are not only offered the foreshadowing toy set-up in Ford's room; there's also an incriminating poster on the wall. The brightly coloured, Japanese language design is a very obvious nod to the iconic, garish 1950s and '60s Godzilla and monster movies posters that typically followed the traditional design of two monsters facing off. And though it seems the poster was created for the film, its heritage is very plain to see. Crucially, it's very obvious that this new take on the franchise knows its roots, and the spirit of the character, and there's a very real sense that it knows what it owes to the franchise of the past.
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