Golden Globes 2019: 8 Ups & 7 Downs

6. Too Much Love For Green Book

Golden Globes 2019 Green Book

The HFPA sure made some weird choices throughout the night, and among the more baffling decisions was to show so much support for the rather middling awards-baiting drama - or as the Globes lists it, "Musical or Comedy" - Green Book.

Mahershala Ali scooping up a Best Supporting Actor win was acceptable, but a Best Screenplay win for its extremely facile, heavy-handed script felt like a slap in the face to its decidedly stronger competition in Roma and The Favourite.

But the real kicker came when Green Book went on to win Best Picture (Musical or Comedy), fending off the easy favourite, yes, The Favourite.

It didn't help that writer-director Peter Farrelly's "Can't we all just get along?" acceptance speech came off howlingly tone-deaf if not downright infantile, seemingly confirming his simplified world-view of racism as already suggested by the film's script.


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