Good Will Hunting: 5 Reasons It’s Matt Damon’s Finest Film

Matt Damon has become famous for everything from his left wing views to his role as butt kicking ex- CIA…

Jon Manson


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Matt Damon has become famous for everything from his left wing views to his role as butt kicking ex- CIA operative, Jason Bourne. He currently stars in the film ‘Promised Land,’ which is still gracing some screens in the US, but has struggled to please audiences and many critics. It’s become a running theme in Damon’s current career.

However, Damon’s managed to remain a top list talent and his films usually do modestly well with fans and critics, but he has yet to bring home a success like ‘Good Will Hunting’ again. I mean, does anyone actually remember watching movies like ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ or ‘We Bought a Zoo?’ I certainly don’t.

It’s hard to believe Jason Bourne started out with a film titled ‘Good Will Hunting’ that was based on a script written by him and his good friend, Ben Affleck. And it’s even harder to believe that Affleck has gone on to become the Boston native that shines with directorial efforts like ‘Argo’ and ‘The Town’ that have both pleased the critics and the fans. And not to mention ‘Gone Baby Gone’ which somehow proved to the world that Casey Affleck was actually a leading man.

It’s not hard to believe however, after seeing ‘Hunting,’ that it remains Damon’s finest film to date. And here’s why….

5. “How You Like Them Apples?”

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Despite starring in numerous hit movies that range from everything from comedies to dramas to action, Damon’s best and most infamous line to date remains one he uttered in ‘Good Will Hunting.’ Sure he’s laughed it up with Brad Pitt and George Clooney on screen and killed people to find out who he really is, but the most memorable line on screen to leave Damon’s lips was spoken when him and his friends decided to stick it one last time to those Hahvad bums from that Hahvad bahr where Hunting met Skylar and they made fun of some smaht guys.

Damon’s Will Hunting taps on the window to the diner where his verbal sparring buddy sits and asks, “Do you like apples?” The rest is cinema gold. After repeating the question, the pony tail wearing Hahvad guy with a wicked attitude says, “Ya.” Will Hunting slams the paper with Ms. Skylar’s (Minnie Driver) phone number on it against the window and echoes his best line into movie infamy: “How you like them apples?”

This guy’s pulled off countless heists on screen, killed endless bad guys and yet he still can’t top that most awesome moment. But, seriously, who could?