Great New Venom Trailer Actually Shows Venom!


Venom Tom Hardy

After the first trailer did its level best to look absolutely nothing like a superhero movie and not show any of its titular star, Sony have just released a second teaser for Venom that looks far more like you'd expect. And rather excitingly, that includes showing us what Tom Hardy's Venom actually looks like.

There's a strong Jekyll and Hyde vibe with Hardy's Eddie Brock seemingly a normal good guy investigative journalist - as he was in the comics originally - who uncovers Life's secret symbiote experiments and ends up infected himself.

Here's the trailer...

This is a far, far better trailer than the first one - at least in terms of selling a Venom movie and not just a random body shock thriller. It looks far more like a superhero movie with the other symbiotes and more shape to the villain's plotting, and the horror elements in there are a really nice spin.

Seeing an everyman Hardy battling with a full-blown pantomime villain in his own head looks like an absolute blast and Sony are definitely getting this marketing campaign on the right tracks.

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