Groundhog Day: You Won't Believe How Long Bill Murray Is Really Trapped! The world of cinema is full of great questions: why did anyone ever think that George Lucas was talented, what the devil does Prometheus actually mean and why Michael Bay, why? But the most pressing of all relates to arguably the greatest comedy film of all time, Harold Ramis' wonderful Groundhog Day... How long does Bill Murray actually spend trapped reliving Groundhog Day? Many have tried to answer it, and some with success, but none have gone to quite the level that we have in trying to pinpoint an exact answer. Obviously some points are up for contention, such as the time Phil actually spends learning French, but the following video essay at least gives some reflection of the enormous length of time some fans of the film no doubt take for granted. And the answer adds a poignant, and some might say tragic footnote to the brilliant, sublimely acted comedy classic. And once you've appreciated that, click here to reveal the intense mathematical workings out that one intrepid WhatCulture writer (me) put in to actually discovering how long Phil spent trapped in a perpetual time-loop of misery, suicide and ice sculptures. Happy Groundhog Day.

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