Guardians 3: 10 Actors Who Could Play Adam Warlock

There are plenty of actors who could portray Marvel's 'perfect man'...


The end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 heavily hinted at one Marvel's biggest cosmic characters - no, not Nova - Adam Warlock joining the on-screen roster.

While it may now be a tad too late for the character to take part in the Infinity Saga, even if he was an integral part of the comic book version, James Gunn's return to Marvel means that there will likely be some follow through on the thread set up in the previous entry.

How the character will be introduced among the chaos following Endgame and the added curveball of Thor now seeming as though he will be sticking with the Guardians (at least for now) is a mystery to everyone except Gunn himself. Due to how the Sovereign are the ones who have created Warlock however, we can presume that he won't initially be there to help.

Whichever way that ends up being done, what's for certain is that someone will need to play Marvel's so-called 'perfect man', and, with such a reputation as that, there are plenty of options as to who should do so.


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