Guardians Of The Galaxy 2: David Hasselhoff Confirmed On The Awesome Mix Soundtrack

Is this the best Marvel cameo yet?

David Hasselhoff

Just when you thought James Gunn's exceptional Guardians Of The Galaxy movies couldn't get any stranger, or any more invested in delightful mystery cameos, it turns out the hotly anticipated soundtrack has a pretty big cameo of its own.

The track list for Awesome Mix Vol 2 has just hit the web and as well as an eclectic nostalgic mix of late 1970s and 80s tracks from the likes of ELO, Glenn Campbell and Cheap Trick, the final track features the one and only David Hasselhoff.

Gotg Soundtrack

The Hoff has lent his vocals to a previously unreleased song called Guardians Inferno with The Sneepers (not a real band as far as I can tell, assuming it's not a typo referring to LA punk band The Sleepers), which will hopefully be his version of Disco Inferno.

It's a great mix of songs - though some of them might be pushing the definition of "Awesome" a little far, to be honest. And the addition of Cat Stevens' Father And Son is a nice touch.

Obviously, some of the songs will be more prominent than others - especially as some are used as integral parts of action sequences -

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