Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Final Trailer Breakdown: 28 Things You Must See

"I'm your Dad, Peter..."

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Who would have thought that a superhero team of a tree, a raccoon, a WWE star, a comedian and a Star Trek-looking green alien lady could ever have taken over Marvel fandom quite the way Guardians Of The Galaxy did? James Gunn's exceptional, reference-heavy original was an unexpected triumph, making a fortune and launching a sub-MCU franchise with arguably the coolest credentials of any of them.

And as a mark of that cult fascination with it, the sequel is almost certainly guaranteed to make a billion. If it doesn't, there will be something very wrong in the world. But that isn't the only mark of success: what matters is that the story advances, the characters develop and the new additions are just as good as the originals. Oh, and that Gunn stuffs in as many Easter Eggs as we can eat.

Oh and if you're at all pissed at the apparent spoiler at the end of the trailer, Gunn has a justification for it...

So what did we learn from the inevitably very good final trailer (it won't be final, because apparently International comes after Final these days) trailer? Lots, in short. But mostly that Baby Groot is everyone's new spirit animal.

As it's sort of traditional now, James Gunn also heralded the trailer's release with a brand new poster...

Pretty fair to say that the art department screwed Mantis there... Anyway, on to the breakdown.

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