Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Has FIVE Post-Credits Scenes

Don't even dare think about leaving...

howard the duck
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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 has just screened for the press in America ahead of tomorrow's press junket, and it looks like it's another win for Marvel and the MCU. The majority of early reactions seem almost hyperbolic in their praise (though there are some rumblings that it isn't quite as perfect as the first film) and the repeated motif seems to be of a fun, colourful film packed with secrets, cameos and Easter Eggs.

Well, it is James Gunn, after all.

Incredibly, the early screenings also revealed that the film has gone fully Marvel and has an almighty FIVE post-credits scenes. Gunn clarified the number on Twitter...

They're mostly just for fun - in the same vein as the Howard The Duck stinger on the end of the first movie - and four of them are mid-credits scenes with a final post-credits tag-on.

But it's not all just for levity: apparently two of the four set up important things for the future, so maybe don't pass on watching them. As if you would.

As an added bonus, ScreenRant say you should pay very close attention to the credits themselves.

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