Michael Myers: the one person babysitters hate more than the kids they have to look after. As if minimum wage wasn’t the only problem they had to contend with! This mute maniac was driven by one thing, to kill Laurie Strode, his own babysitter. Due to him being an unstoppable killing machine, too, he also enjoyed offing any unlucky person (or animal) who got in his way. From his debut in Halloween in 1978, right through to Halloween: Resurrection in 2002, he has disposed a total of 77 victims and here we count down his top 10 most insane kills. For scientific reasons, of course.

Please be warned, this article contains spoilers, gore and nudity.


10. Lynda Van Der Klok: Halloween

Lynda is a prime example of the old horror movie stereotype: If you have sex, you’ll end up a victim. Michael had already dispatched of Bob – her boyfriend – stole his glasses and came up to the bedroom covered in a sheet, trying to be a classic ghost. Of course, Lynda, being the dumb blonde, (no offense blonde readers!) she falls for it hook, line and sinker. She tries to entice “Bob” by flirting with him, but we all know womanly charms don’t interest unstoppable killing machines.

She picks up the phone to call Annie and Paul, though Laurie answers due to her babysitting at Annie’s house. Before Lynda can speak, Michael grabs the phone cord and proceeds to strangle her to death, unbeknownst to Laurie who thinks she is fooling around and swears she will kill her if it is a joke. Ah dramatic irony, how we do love you.

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This article was first posted on January 9, 2013