Holmes & Watson Review: 2 Ups & 6 Downs

A last-minute 2018 dumpster fire.

Holmes And Watson Will Ferrell John C Reilly

To the surprise of few, the Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly-starring Sherlock Holmes spoof Holmes & Watson hasn't exactly been winning raves from critics.

If the laughless trailers didn't tip you off, then the lack of press screenings and subsequent scathing reviews sure will. With near-universal critical disdain and a surprisingly low "D+" CinemaScore from audiences, it's fair to call the movie a complete and utter bust.

Reports have since emerged that the film tested so poorly with audiences that Sony attempted to sell it to Netflix, yet even the streaming platform turned it down. And though Netflix doesn't exactly boast high standards for their content acquisitions, it's easy to see why they weren't interested in this one.

A shockingly inept squandering of an actually pretty neat concept, Holmes & Watson is one of the most shambolic holiday duds of the last few years and a mind-bogglingly awful effort for its central comic duo...


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