How And Why The Superman/Batman Team-up Movie Will Work


With the massive success of the Marvel cinematic movement which finally placed superhero movies in a single universe and brought them together in The Avengers, all eyes naturally turn to DC. While they obviously aren€™t struggling, the success of the Nolan Batman films and the recent Man of Steel movie can attest to that, when will DC start building their universe? When are we going to get the Justice League film? What about a Wonder Woman or a Flash movie?

Well we are finally now starting to get some answers in the form of the Superman and Batman crossover movie announced at this years Comic Con mere hours ago.

As with almost anything involving comic book adaptations, there's already been waves of people crying out in either excitement or lamentation (thank goodness this isn't an Alan Moore property, or we would get that whole schtick too) and on face value this might just seem like a fanboy€™s cry to see his favourite DC heroes at the same time, but when looking at the heroes Marvel has chosen to pull together for its universe, it really starts to make sense.

The majority of Marvel heroes are at least somewhat humanly attainable. If you€™re rich enough you can at least live like Tony Stark if you can€™t be Iron Man. If you train hard enough, you can become like Captain America. Even beings like Thor may be Asgardian gods, but Thor learns about humanity and his character arc sees him becoming more human. The entire X-Men mutant universe is a civil rights parallel combined with themes of teenage doubt, homophobia and insecurities. Therefore the only room DC has to expand upon is the use of characters that are completely above human-capabilities. No matter how hard we try, we can€™t be Superman, or Aquaman, or Wonder Woman. Even Batman doesn€™t want to constantly be Batman; he strives to become a legend.

Combine this with the fact that a team-up movie appears to be the only ground not covered in the Marvel cinematic universe. By this I don't mean an ensemble cast banding together to form Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but rather a smaller scale analysis of how two superheroes interact in the same space. Indeed, DC's characters often seem a bit more 'larger than life' than Marvel's, so DC is the best company to launch a team-up movie. With Marvel supplying not just the majority of the superhero market, but also slightly over saturating that market (they already have Marvel Phase Two and Phase Three is planned, the X-Men universe is radically expanding with X-Force and standalone mutant movies in the future) DC can provide a quite different product to everything Marvel provides in one stroke and the Superman/Batman film appears to ready to have a good stab at it.

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