How Much Do You Remember About Burt Reynolds?

TV tidbits devoted to the late Hollywood heavyweight (1936-2018)

The entertainment industry lost one of its own when veteran actor Burt Reynolds passed away at age 82 on 6 September. Reynolds, an Emmy-winning performer - not to mention a one-time Oscar-nominee - had been a hot commodity in the 1970s as both a box office draw and sex symbol to countless female admirers worldwide. Throughout his career, Reynolds dabbled in television but probably was best known for his film work as his show business career progressed.

Burt Reynolds was no stranger to the tabloids chronicling his many public dating exploits that ranged from his intimate closeness with late talk show hostess Dinah Shore to his on-screen/off-screen love connection with Smokey and the Bandit leading lady Sally Field. He also made for festive fodder concerning his turbulent marital break-up with his former second wife, TV actress Loni Anderson.

Nevertheless, it was Reynolds' enduring career in TV and movies which let the old-school Hollywood hotshot, known for his infectious laugh and glib wit, to keep a permanent hold on the pop cultural landscape throughout his life.

1. Burt Reynolds Received His Emmy Award For What CBS Sitcom?


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