How Ryan Reynolds Plans To Get Hugh Jackman In A Deadpool Movie

F**k Wolverine.

Deadpool Hugh Jackman

Despite Hugh Jackman hanging up the claws, Ryan Reynolds is still desperate to have the actor in a Deadpool movie.

Reynolds has tried to get Jackman to cameo in both Deadpool movies so far, to no avail. He succeeded only in using a mask of him in the first one, and the second utilises Wolverine footage from X-Men Origins, but he's not giving up just yet.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Reynolds revealed that he's given up on getting Jackman to reprise his most famous role, but still wants the actor himself to appear, saying that he's going to "double-down" on trying to convince him.

While it wouldn't be a Wolverine appearance, it'd undoubtedly be a lot easier to arrange, given Jackman's insistence that he is done with the character. It's also one that they could have a lot of fun with, and still make sense within Deadpool's twisted universe. Deadpool 3 is likely to happen in some form, so there's still plenty of time yet for Reynolds to convince his old X-Men buddy.

Do you want to see Jackman appear in a Deadpool movie? Let us know down in the comments.

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