How Warner Bros. Should Have Made Justice League

Serving justice more appropriately.

Warner Bros/NetherRealm

DC Comics fans had been waiting for what seemed like an eternity to see their favourite superheroes unite on the big screen, and that moment finally came to pass when Justice League hit cinemas this month.

Standards might have been low enough for the movie they got to be considered passable - if Wonder Woman hadn't raised the bar for the DC Extended Universe (or whatever it ends up being called). If Justice League is anything to go by, however, Wonder Woman was instead a false beacon of hope for the franchise as a whole.

Man of Steel and Batman v Superman were tonal misfires and joyless exercises in hero deconstruction, but at least there was a vision behind them. The team-up project they fed into is a generic mess, being pulled in two different directions by conflicting ideologies in virtually every scene.

Director Zack Snyder was forced off the project by a family tragedy late in the day, leaving it to Joss Whedon to head up extensive reshoots, tonal fine-tuning and hefty cuts, and the stitches from his post-production surgery were left showing.

This isn't the only reason Justice League failed to deliver. There are countless others, but rather than simply list them, it would be more productive to explore how the movie should have been made instead.


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