Idris Elba Joins PROMETHEUS & Are The Aliens In It?

Matt updates with casting;
The always reliable Baz Bamigboye reports that Ridley Scott has cast the awesome Idris Elba for his long-awaited science fiction return project Prometheus - the British actor joining the already impressive casting sheet that includes Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron. Lesser known Brits Sean Harris (who was in Scott's Red Riding Trilogy) and Katie Dickie (who was in Scott's produced show The Pillars of the Earth) are also on board. All their roles are currently unknown.
Original article follows... Bleeding Cool went on record yesterday with some tantalising snippets of information concerning Ridley Scott's Prometheus. As we all know by now, Prometheus was originally a prequel to Scott's own sci-fi horror/action saga Alien, before screenwriter Damon Lindleof and Ridley Scott himself saw that their script had metamorphosed into a story of its very own. However star Michael Fassbender has since been quoted as saying that remnants of the Alien series would remain in the new film, but thus far we have been kept in the dark as to how this was going to transpire... until now, it seems. A reliable source explained to Bleeding Cool that although the Xenomorphs would appear in the film, they wouldn't be recognisable as the iconic Aliens we are accustomed to. As the Xenomorphs adopt the qualities of whichever being they grow inside of, their infiltration and execution of human colonies led to them growing into the four-limbed wall-crawlers we saw in the Quadrilogy. As the Xenomorph adopts the DNA of its ill-fated host, those that appear in Prometheus will be of a different variation to that which we are used to, as they have not yet been subject to human contact. Aside from the role of the Aliens in Prometheus, its setting has also been unofficially 'revealed', with it reportedly being "a planet that has been terraformed to create the perfect environment in which a particular bioweapon would prosper". The question of whether or not this bioweapon is the alien went unanswered. The films title was also brought into question, with BC's prodding into the possibility that Prometheus is a working title being met with a "maybe", although the source was keen to state that "they are calling it that for a reason". So what does all this mean? Well, aside from the unofficial confirmation that the story of Prometheus will exist within the Alien universe, it also means that we might just be getting that promised Alien prequel after all - just not as we may have expected it but equally exciting, if not more so.

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