In the film world it is always a sad time when somebody passes away. Whether their work was loved by many or few, the loss of a creative voice in the world is a time for mourning and remembering the works of these individuals for what they brought to the cinematic world.

It might be marginal to narrow it down to 10 people, as the loss of any creative voice of any part of the production of just one work of art is a tragedy, but here are some of the most prominent voices that were lost in 2012, who must be remembered through their contributions to the creative community.



1. Michael Clarke Duncan

Known for his work in The Green Mile, Sin City, and Talladega Nights, Michael Clark Duncan was instantly recognizable for his towering screen presence and the kindness of his smile. Nominated for an Oscar for The Green Mile and having lent his voice and face to countless productions of all genres, Duncan started out as a bodyguard for celebrities and rappers before entering into the world of film production, an odd but perfectly fitting career change for the actor.

Leaving behind a fiancée and 22 years of performances, Michael Clarke Duncan was a face to see in anything from The Island to Daredevil, and now that he’s gone, his performances must be watched and loved again. We will miss Michael Clarke Duncan.

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This article was first posted on January 29, 2013