This new trailer for Insidious 2, James Wan’s follow-up to his 2011 haunted family thriller, is initially similar to the domestic one we got a month or so back but then it revs up and reveals more of the specters and spirits that inhabit The Further.  There’s also a little more hinted at in regards to what’s going on with Patrick Wilson’s character, who (Spoilers from last movie) has an ancient, phantasmal hag riding around in his skin of memory serves. Not sure how one gets up every morning and forgets a thing like that. You’d assume one would feel some sag even if it’s not evident when looking in the mirror.

How the film handles that storyline and the expanded history of the Lambert family (complete with Jocelyn Donahue as a young Barbara Hershey) will be important to the overall impact of both chapters. If Wan can work the creepy magic of his recent film, The Conjuring, then Insidious 2 could actually strengthen its predecessor.

My biggest worry is The Further, which felt ambitious as a concept but slight and silly in execution. A computer generated Darth Maul puppet, Tiny Tim warbling on the soundtrack, and an afterlife that looks like an abandoned porn studio don’t exactly add up to terror. More time in The Further could be a bad thing if Wan hasn’t beefed it up a little. I do like the sequences I’m seeing in this trailer, particularly one abstract image of Wilson running towards a house that feels ripped from German Expressionist paintings.

Are you planning to see Insidious 2? Does the international trailer do a better job of generating excitement, or does it give up too much of the story?

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This article was first posted on July 30, 2013