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Marvel’s Phase Two kicks off in style with the third Iron Man film, returning Robert Downey Jnr to his most famous role, donning the famous red and gold armour to battle a new and more threatening villain than he has faced to date. The first trailers offered a lot of material, introducing Sir Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin, as well as suggesting there’s a major event upcoming for Tony Stark involving a major attack on his home and his self. But we were left with as many questions as the first trailer answered (which is exactly as it should be): would we be seeing the traditional humorous undertones of Downey Jnr’s character? How do the other villains fit in? And will we be seeing a tie-in to the Guardians of the Galaxy?

The Super Bowl trailer for Iron Man 3 could have answered some of those questions – though the Guardians of the Galaxy issue was never particularly likely – so would this prestigious trailer slot offer us with everthing we wanted to know ahead of the film’s release later this year?

But first, we got a 30 second TV spot, featuring a sky-high rescue by Iron Man, with little other detail. Still, it makes for an impressive set piece.

Here’s the full  TV spot…

And then, thankfully just as the lights went out in the stadium, the Iron Man 3 Extended Super Bowl trailer landed, starting with a humorous “extended look” gag.

Everything looks incredibly good so far.

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This article was first posted on February 4, 2013