Iron Man 3 Trailer 2 Review - What We've Learned...

4. Why So Serious?iron man 3 gwynelth paltrow

The €˜Stark-snark€™ is one of the character€™s most loved qualities, but like almost all the preview footage to date, the latest trailer for the threequel dials up the serious factor. Granted this is only a 2 minute look and hence this speculation could prove premature, but at the very least we can expect the snark to be significantly reduced this time out. It€™s important to acknowledge that the Avengers assembling wasn€™t just a game changer for superhero movies, it was a massive event for the heroes themselves. Downey Jr. already looks to be doing a great job of portraying Tony€™s inner struggles, and it will be interesting to see just what effect the climactic events of The Avengers had on the other members of the team.

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