Iron Man 4: 5 Villains We Want To See

iron man vs ghost With Iron Man 3 out now in UK cinemas, attention will soon shift to a possible future Iron Man 4 (though it won't come until after The Avengers sequel is released in 2015) and some of the opponents Tony Stark may come up against. After all, a hero is only as interesting as his villains make him. Without a doubt, Iron Man has some great villains and only a small fraction of the character's rogues gallery has appeared in Hollywood so far. In this article we will look at 5 villians who Marvel should consider for the next installment of the franchise...

5. Spymaster

tumblr_inline_mkjxinuwqn1qz4rgp Spymaster has no super powers, but don€™t let that fool you into discounting him as a threat. When Tony Stark's worst fear is that his Iron Man designs will be stolen and abused by others, protecting his intellectual property takes on a whole new level of importance. Industrial espionage is the name of the game. In Iron Man's world, no one plays it better than Spymaster. He is a gifted athlete and gymnast who has made his living by constantly breaking through whatever security system Tony can design in order to protect his armored creations. Several characters have donned the Spymaster gear over the years. The one uniting factor is that each has been a huge pain in the arse for Tony Stark. The original Spymaster's crowning moment was stealing numerous Iron Man designs from under Stark's nose. Spymaster sold the designs to various high bidders, sparking the so-called Armor Wars.

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