Iron Man: Ranking Every MCU Movie Armour Worst To Best

Behold, Tony Stark's enormous cinematic wardrobe...

Marvel Studios

Tony Stark had more costume changes in the MCU than a particularly fabulous Oscar night host. It wasn't a frivolous thing wither: that obsessive need to evolve his armours was pretty deeply ingrained in his character and a sign of what would ultimately threaten to destroy him.

But while the connotations for Tony were awful, it did mean that we got to see some truly astonishing armours in his decade-long tenure as the founding father of the MCU. And some strange and silly ones too, including lots of Iron Legion concepts included in the Extremis battle and in the official tie-in Iron Man 3 game. Hey, it was Tony Stark - if his wardrobe was flawless, it wouldn't have been a true reflection of his messy mind, would it?

The question now that he's been permanently retired, of course, is which one of Tony's Iron Man armours was best?

Some of the armours were never actually worn by Tony - particularly because he had that very prolific period developing them around Iron Man 3's traumatic events and then destroyed them all for a "clean slate." But if we saw them on screen or know they were involved in movie events even very briefly, you can expect to see them ranked here. So hold on to your butts.

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