Is Sabretooth Part Of Wolverine 3?

Hugh Jackman teases Victor Creed's return.

Recently Hugh Jackman popped in to have a chat with the Sydney Confidential podcast, and talk quickly turned to the on-going development of Wolverine 3. When asked what was happening with the project, Jackman gave a very interesting response:

"There were a lot of calls for Victor Creed to come back"
Not exactly a definite confirmation, but at this point you've got to take everything Jackman says pretty seriously. So, Victor Creed eh? Sabretooth (also known as Victor Reed) has twice appeared onscreen before, in two very different iterations. Former wrestler Tyler Mane played him as a hulking henchman in 2000's X-Men, whilst the lightly-built Liev Schreiber portrayed a more loquacious version of the mutant in the panned X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Neither performance received a ton of fan adoration, so it's not surprising that people want a definitive version before Jackman lays down the claws. After all, in X-Men lore, Wolverine and Sabretooth share an intense, physical rivalry, and to see that executed proficiently onscreen would be satisfying.
Origins probably presents the greatest stumbling block to this becoming a reality, due to the fact Creed, and his relationship with Wolverine, were such central facets. Film-goers would probably be wary of treading that path again, so if Sabretooth is going to feature in Wolverine 3, I'd expect him to take a supporting role more in line with the Tyler Mane version. He'll probably act as a brawler on someone else's behalf.

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