It: 11 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

They all float.

Warner Bros.

Marvel's movies are considered the gold standard for shared universes, but horror maestro Stephen King could teach the House of M a thing or two about this concept.

During his illustrious career, the author has built a massive multiverse of weird and wonderful beings, places and constructs across books, films and TV shows. Even after 43 years he's showing no signs of slowing down.

King loves to connect his work with Easter eggs, subtle nods and trivia, and filmmakers who have adapted it usually honour this tradition. The latest of those, It director Andy Muschietti, has proven to be no exception.

With a weighty tome that shares DNA with the wordsmith's other creations at its core, IT is full of callbacks to what came before as well as hat-tips to other horror classics.

During the story, Ben literally embarks on an Easter egg hunt which culminates in a horrific discovery beneath the streets of Derry, but what the Losers Club member may not realise is that he was surrounded by Easter eggs the whole time.

Here are a bunch of them you probably missed, no doubt because you had your eyes closed every time Pennywise showed up.


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