It: 19 WTF Moments

You'll float too.

IT Pennywise
Warner Bros.

The much-anticipated It remake is now in cinemas for fans and newbies alike to witness for themselves, and it's safe to say that Andy Muschietti's R-rated horror is already becoming a pop-culture phenomenon in of itself.

It's with damn-good reason, though, because in addition to being a sharply directed and superbly acted character-driven horror, it's also one of the most f***ed up horror films to emerge from the big-budget studio system in quite some time.

Rather than soften the edges of Stephen King's source material (well, apart from not including that orgy scene), Warner Bros. has allowed Muschietti to lean into it all and gamely capture the mood and tone of the beloved novel. That the film gets away with as much as it does is simply staggering.

From its shocking violence to its more surreal asides and everything in-between, the new It will have you frequently raising your eyebrows at what you just saw...


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