It: 19 WTF Moments

1. The Final Battle

It Losers Club
Warner Bros.

And finally, the Losers' Club faces off against Pennywise in one hell of a climactic showdown. Georgie's corpse begins to mutate into Pennywise, and he eventually manages to grab hold of Bill, offering the others to leave if he can keep Bill.

Richie grabs a baseball bat and rejects the offer, and with all the kids no longer fearing Pennywise, they're able to aggressively attack him.

Pennywise tries his best to scare them, manifesting as each of their fears in turn, including a mummy and the legs of a spider as well as all their previous fears, but they manage to eventually beat him into submission.

Pennywise then scuttles away to enter hibernation for another 27 years, fearful and unable to feed, while Bill finds Georgie's discarded raincoat and finally accepts that his brother is gone forever.

Intense, disturbing and unexpectedly emotional, it's a suitably insane final battle that's going to be tough to top in chapter two.

What did you think of the It remake? Which moments disturbed you the most? Shout them out in the comments!

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