It's "Illegal" For Marvel Actors To Appear In DC Movies

So sayeth Thor...

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If you're wondering whether the perceived cinematic "war" between Marvel and DC is a creation of an over-zealous fanbase, or if there is something genuinely there to whip up, there's more cause to believe the latter angle now.

Not so long ago, David Ayer decided the best way to preface a screening of Suicide Squad was to shout "f*ck Marvel", and though the studio heads tend to play down the rivalry, there's evidence that they consider it a real thing. Not least because it seems that Marvel actors are consciously forbidden from appearing in DC movies.

That's according to Chris Hemsworth, who appeared at The Thor actor was on hand at the Supernova Comic-Con in Australia this weekend, and according to Tyler James on Twitter, announced that it’s “illegal” for any MCU actor to work as a DC character.

Not that there's anything weird and cultish about that...

Perhaps it was said in jest - the precise context remains unclear for now - but it would seem to contradict Kevin Feige's sentiment that Marvel actors can play who they want, as he told THR recently:

“We don’t have anything written into our contracts about other roles that people can do. Indiana Jones and Han Solo are the same person [and] it hasn’t been a problem. And I think Thanos and Cable are two very different characters.”

This is, of course, an entirely different scenario, as Fox and Marvel aren't as directly in competition, so it could well be that it's different for DC. Though the fact that a good few actors have crossed the "divide" already would suggest there's a caveat here. Maybe it's just that they can't work for DC while their characters are currently active in the MCU?

Either way, a confirmation will no doubt come when someone officially responds to Hemsworth's comments.

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