It Review: 9 Ups & 1 Down


9. It Makes Great Use Of Its R Rating

It Georgie
Warner Bros.

What a relief it is that this movie ended up snagging an R rating, because the film is so much better for it.

For starters, it allows the full extent of Pennywise's viciousness to be depicted on-screen, and though even R-rated movies tend to be restrained when it comes to violence against children, this movie features some incredibly close-to-the-bone acts committed against kids.

That's without even mentioning the realistic potty mouths of the Losers' Club as they hang out and rib one another, nor the darker elements of their personal lives, in several cases pertaining to child abuse.

In short, King's source material is totally f***ed up, and the movie honours its grimness throughout, though smartly opts to switch out the book's controversial orgy scene for something much more sensible.


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